Friday, February 29, 2008

Homeaway, Homaway Vacation Rentals Review

Advertise your property to thousands of travelers.

I recently added a review of the HomeAway rental network with over 95,000 listings for the Compare Owner Holiday Rentals website. Homeaway is owned by the WVR Group, which also owns several Vacation Rentals by Owner websites, including VRBO and Holiday However, the Homeaway network specifically consists of four different vacation rentals sites i.e. HomeAway, Cyberrentals, Greatrentals and A1Vacations.

The HomeAway rental network has invested a lot of resources in building and developing their vacation rental network. For example, they claim to offer an integrated environment for vacation rental owners across all four vacation rentals sites, plus the search function is quite sophisticated, a must given the very large number of vacation rentals listings.

Here's the full Homeaway Review . As always, I welcome any comments.


Anonymous said...

I have written to several owners who have posted on Home Away about their San Diego properties. I have gotten 2 responses and the owners flaked after that. There is no way to post comments to this effect on Home Away.

So far, not a helpful service at all.

JudgeTom said...

I wrote an unflattering, but deserved, comment about a property, that was rejected twice. I don't think you can get around their editorial policy if the review is even slightly derogatory.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to agree. I signed up and having trouble loading photos, having trouble getting consistent answers. I watermarked photos and they one person has said that I can do this and another has said no. They have to go through an editing team and I've been waiting for this site for days now...It takes forever to reach them. I could have done alot of bookings by now for all the trouble.

Anonymous said...

I agree. It's very difficult to get assistance. I've been using this company They're great with customer service. I would pay more if at the end of the day I knew there was someone I can call to help me with my rentals.

Anonymous said...

We agree. We reported about our experiences with the property 65941 (Sarasota) in a polite way. (Many cockroaches in the house and on the terrace, yellow shade at the ground of the pool, garage not usable ...). The owners seems to have a wide influence on HomeAway - our report was not published. The reasons were not comprehensible to us.

Anonymous said...

HereStay is going to replace HomeAway in a couple of years...they even offer airline miles to renters...HomeAway doesn't do that (do they?).