Monday, April 24, 2006

Abritel Fr Holiday Rentals Review

I am currently writing a review of the Abritel ( holiday rentals site for the Compare Owner Holiday Rentals ( web site and would appreciate any comments from any one who has used them, either as a holiday rental property owner or renter.

Abritel are one of the largest holiday rental sites in France and most of the visitors are French speaking, although they publish in 7 different languages. Although Abritel is very well known in France, although I had not heard of them until recently.

Initially, when I listed them on the COHR site, I was contacted by their very indignant marketing manager to point out that a) I had grossly underestimated their size and b) I had misspelled their name : they were Abritel not Arbitrel. However, I musn't be the only one who gets the spelling wrong, as I had a significant number of search engine hits to my website from browsers also looking for Arbitrel !



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