Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Vacation Rental Site Optimization : All the Web Live Search

Optimizing your vacation rental site for search engines takes a lot of hard work and some creativity.

I have just come across All the Web's beta test of Livesearch and I must say, it is an impressive tool that you may find useful in search engine optimization !

Livesarch allows you to enter a search term and while you are typing, brings up relevant results. In addition, it will prompt you with search terms that might be useful in narrowing your search.

For example, if you type "vacation rentals", livesearch will return a standard list of search results on the right hand side of the page. However, on the left hand side, it will list a number of other search terms ( e.g. vacation rentals by 0wner), which you might want to consider using.

If you continue typing, say vacation rentals california, the results on the right hand side of the page are updated to reflect this search term. Also, the left hand side now shows updated suggestions for narrowing your search ( e.g. vacation rentals california beach).

This is quite a useful tool if you are looking for inspiration in finding search terms that might be useful for optimising your vacation rental site.

If you enter these terms into other tools such as Good Keywords, you can check the popularity
of these terms with search engines : with some luck ( and a little persistence), you may find some terms that you can use for optimizing pages on your vacation rental site.

Can you guess which terms I used to optimise Reviews of VRBO, Cyberrentals ?



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