Monday, March 17, 2008

Craigslist and Vacation Rentals

Craigslist has become quite a phenomenon, with thousands of free classified listings every day across a wide range of areas. The size of the vacation rentals listings is evidence of the fact that many vacation home owners are using Craigslist as a means to find renters. In fact, it is not uncommon to find some of the smaller “vacation rentals by owner” sites advertising on Craiglist themselves, although most of the listings are from individual vacation rentals owners. Judging from the popularity of these ads, I assume that many renters also use Craigslist to find the perfect vacation rental.

Craigslist’s rules on vacation rentals listings mean that you can’t post the same ad more than once at a time. Some vacation rentals owners try to get around this by posting in multiple destinations, with slight changes of wording. However, although you might get away with that for a while, you run the risk of being flagged and possibly banned from the Craigslist site.

However, to make things easier, some vacation rentals sites have added tools to help with building Craigslist ads. For example, VacationRealty has a Craigslist ad builder as does Vacationrentaldirect .

As an alternative to Criagslist, you might also consider Free Vacation Rentals Classifieds .

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