Monday, October 12, 2009

Espana Breaks introduces "AdScore"

Espana Breaks have introduced an interesting rating system that rewards owners who try harder to be "renter friendly". Their listings are now ordered by a rating system called
"AdScore". Using a variety of measures, it score all adverts out of 100 and the top scorers are listed first.

According to Espana Breaks, "Despite some initial nerves it has proven massively popular with owners. AdScore gives points for doing things that make great, informative adverts for rental properties. Displaying lots of pictures, having a good length write-up, showing an availability calendar, offering card payments and lots more are all "scored". We've found the best property floats to the top, gets more exposure and improved visitor retention and conversion rates by making listings far more useful for renters."

A by-product of Espana's approach is that, over time, it encourages all owners to put some effort into making their listings attractive. It rewards the best owners with more enquiries, so it is worth the effort make your listing as attractive as possible.

Another interesting feature of AdScore is also Espana's "Verified advertiser" system. This is a voluntary ID check scheme that asks owners to prove they are who they say they are and is our response to combating scam adverts. This was launched 2 months ago and so far just over 30% of Espana's advertisers have adopted it.

This is a useful innovation and one that can really help bridge the trust gap between renters and owners.

For more information, see the Espana Breaks website.

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