Thursday, September 20, 2012

Visitor Traffic to your Vacation Rental Listing

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Listing your vacation rental on one of the larger Vacation Rentals by Owner sites has the advantage that these sites get much more traffic than the smaller rental sites. And certainly, I would encourage vacation rentals owners to consider listing on sites such as HomeAway or  VRBO .

However, because these large sites have so many vacation rental listings, there is a danger that your listing will get lost among the vast numbers of vacation rental properties listed. This is particularly true if your vacation rental is in one of the more popular destinations.

Hence, it's possible that your listing might actually get more visitors if you are listed on one of the smaller vacation rentals sites.

For example, VacationHomeRentals indicate that on average, listings on sget more visits than a typical listing on one of the larger sites.

Based on data from , VacationHomerentals indicates that during April 2012, a listing received 25.6 visits, compared with values of 3.7 to 14.9 for larger sites.

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 VacationHomeRentals Free 30 Day Trial

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