Thursday, October 04, 2012

Vacation Rentals Owners Survey 2012

COHR recently conducted a survey of approximately 5,000 vacation and holiday rentals owners to compare their experience of the rentals business in 2012 with 2011.

About half of those surveyed were subscribers to the COHR Vacation Rental by Owner forum.

Overall, the results indicate that 2012 was a slightly better year than 2011, with higher bookings and slightly higher rental rates. However, only 40% of owners said that they made money after deducting all vacation rental costs. Despite this, only 7% plan to sell their vacation rental in the coming year.

The COHR subscribers seem to have done slightly better overall. Perhaps this is because they are more active in the management of their rentals (and possibly because they have taken advantage of some of the vacation rental promos and special offers available through COHR.)

You can find the full results of the Holiday Rentals Owners 2012 Survey on All Holiday Rentals by Owner .

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