Friday, June 07, 2013

Don't take Vacation Rental Payments by Check

One of my subscribers recently sent me another example of a vacation  rentals scam, which I  have published below. Similar to other scams, the basic ruse is to give you a payment by check which is for more than the rental amount and ask you to send back  the excess. Of course, the check will turn out to be invalid and will bounce, leaving you out of pocket. 


From: kenny gibson
Subject: Re: still interested
Date: Monday, May 13, 2013, 1:22 AM

I am glad to hear back from you. I am still very much
interested in the vacation rental and I am Ok with the
arrangements that have been made so far.I will pay the
total cost at once which will include any security
Concerning payment for the rental,the money will be
made available in form of money order/cashiers check.
because I had earlier made arrangements with another
vacation rental owner before travelling early this
month but part of his house got burnt and we had to
cancel the booking.It may interest you to know that
this is the second time we were to go there but
since the place is not available I had to look for an
alternative  and your accommodation rate is far more
reasonable than the last one .
The owner is paying me back a refund and right now I
am not in the country to receive the money so I am
going to tell him to make out the funds in your
name.this is the best way for easy and quick payment
as he is also in the US.

The payment will be worth about $4500 . This is the
total sum he is to pay back because we were to stay
in his house for the whole month.
All I want you to do when you receive the money is to
deduct your own money for the rental and the security
deposit and send the remaining funds via WESTERNUNION
this way:
1) 3000 usd to the travel agency that will make
reservations for our travel tickets

All charges for the transfer will be payed by
Please let me know if this is OK so I can forward
your information for payment. Please
note that you will be payed an extra 100 usd for your
effort. I will need this information from you:
Telephone no:
I will also give you my contact details as soon as we
have an agreement.
Hope to hear from you soon


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