Friday, February 07, 2014

Get Your Guest's Real Email Address

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With the advent of Commission based listings from the likes of Holidaylettings, Homeaway and Flipkey, you will not automatically get the real email address of your guests.

A case in point arose recently. Someone who had stayed at my apartment in Nice, France last year contacted me again: she had been so happy with the apartment, she wanted to book again this year. After some exchange, I generously included a discount on what she had paid last year and thought we had agreed the booking.

However, it turns out the email address she was using to contact me was actually a email address. ( This wasn't apparent to me, because she showed up as "Jane Doe" in my inbox.) Hence, there was a slight dilemma: she wanted to book through , but I had not included the booking fee of 5% ( let alone allowed for the 3% commission) in the rates I had quoted to her.

Of course, what I should have done last year was to make sure that I exchanged real email details with ALL my renters who booked through .

In fact, it's probably good practice to send a follow up email to all guests who rent your apartment to confirm they enjoyed their stay, to exchange email contact details and tell them that, if they contact you directly next time, you will be able to offer them a special price.

That's what I intend to do this year.

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