Friday, June 13, 2014

Holidaylettings Now Handles Return of Damage Deposits have just introduced a great new feature: they will take care of collecting and returning damage deposits!

I have always found damage deposits to be a great deal of hassle. As I did not have anyone locally who could handle cash, deposits needed to be paid electronically in advance and then I needed to refund them after the guest had left. Besides the fact that costs were sometimes involved, it was just an extra hassle to have to arrange repayment of the damage deposit.

Hence, for the most part, I have given up on asking for damage deposits. Except in cases where I have a "gut feel"that the guest might be a problem ( and if that's the case, why rent to them anyway?) I don't bother asking for a refundable deposit.

Only once has this caused a problem, where a renter deliberately damaged something because my former agent was rude to them ( apparently).

Nevertheless, it sometimes is a cause of worry and so I am delighted that is now including the option of collecting and returning damage deposits.

You will get an email when the guest checks out and will have seven days from this date to report any damage. If you don't report any damage, then the deposit will be returned to the renter. On the other hand, if you do report and damage, you can instruct on how you want to handle releasing the damage deposit.

I plan to try this service out ( as far as I can tell, it's free of charge) and will let people know what my experience has been: on the face of it, though, this looks like a great service for to offer (and I am sure others will follow suit).

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