Monday, March 07, 2016

Free Listing on Tripadvisor / Flipkey / Holiday Lettings

Many Vacation Rental Owners have complained about the booking fee recently introduced by Homeaway:  if you are paying for an annual listing, it does seem a little unfair that Homeaway also gets a slice of the income from renters!

One alternative worth considering is a free listing on TripAdvisor / Flipkey / Holiday Lettings. These used to all be completely separate sites, but a while ago TripAdvisor ( who owns Flipkey and Holiday Lettings) allows owners to manage them as one listing. Your property still appears on each site individually, but you have one login, calendar and dashboard.

I started listing with TripAdvisor a couple of years ago and my experience have been overall very positive. I have a property in Nice, France plus one in Marbella, Spain and the TripAdvisor sites provide me with about 70% of my bookings.

As mentioned above, there properties are actually listed on several sites i.e. TripAdvisor, Flipkey, Holiday Lettings and Niumba, with no annual listing charges. Instead, TripAdvisor gets a booking fee from the renter, plus I pay them 3% commission on my bookings. I know that some owners have reservations about "commission-only" listings, but my experience is that it works well, because TripAdvisor has a strong incentive to get me bookings.

I particularly like the fact that I can see the performance of my property on each of these sites individually. (My properties do best on TripAdvisor's main site and Holidaylettings.)

I also like the fact that TripAdvisor handles all the details of payments, including collecting and refunding the security deposit, which used to be a real hassle when I did it myself.

Plus, there really is no down side: if I don't get bookings, I don't pay anything.

You can check them out by clicking the banner above or the link below:

List your rental for free.

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