Thursday, May 04, 2006

Poll : European Holiday Rentals .. the voting has begun

Looks like there are a few people who have stopped by to vote in the European Holiday Rentals Sites poll on Compare Owner Holiday Rentals (COHR). Our visitors include many of the webmasters and owners of the holiday rentals sites listed, so you have to discount the fact that some of them may vote for themselves, but hopefully we will get a decent trend of which holiday rentals sites produce the most bookings for owners of holiday rental homes in Europe.

As expected, has gotten off to a strong start, and Portside Promotions is also receiving some votes, but I am surprised by the fact that several owners have voted for "none". What are we to make of this ? Is it that these owners don't use holiday rentals sites, possibly using their personal site or rental agents for bookings ? This seems unlikely, as such holiday rentals owners would probably not bother to visit COHR.

A more likely answer is that these votes indicate these holiday rentals owners get most of their bookings not from a European holiday rentals site, but from one of the US Vacation Home Rental sites. However, are these votes being cast by holiday rentals owners or perhaps the owners of the US sites themselves ?

In any case, please feel free to specify the name of the non-European site when you are voting. It will be interesting to see if many European holiday rentals owners rely primarily on the large US vacation rentals sites for their bookings !



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