Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Holidaylettings Guide to Letting Your Holiday Home

Andy at Holidaylettings contacted me recently to let me know about a guide they have produced for holiday home owners, covering all the important aspects of letting your holiday home. Although I have seen several similar guides, I am impressed with the simple and clear style of Holidaylettings guide and it is full of very useful tips.

The guide covers a number of areas, including :

Choosing the right property
Furnishing a rental property
Being a responsible owner
Setting your pricing
Letting your property
Managing your bookings
Owners’ checklist for renting
Marketing your property
Advertising secrets
Internet advertising
Tricks of the trade

I particularly like the "Tricks of the Trade" for letting your holiday property, including tips such as providing a welcome pack for guests on arrival at your property (I know from personal experience this can make a huge difference in getting repeat renters or referrals to other renters) and working with other holiday home owners in your area.

I also like the final peice of advice " don’t forget to keep some weeks free for you & your friends/family to enjoy! It can sometimes be tempting to take all the bookings on offer, but make sure you don’t end up in a hotel!"

For more information, go to the Holidaylettings guide

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