Friday, February 20, 2009

Rentalia Measures "Vacation Rental by Owner" Response Times

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Rentalia Rentalia , a leading "Vacation Rental by Owner" site covering Spain, Portugal and Italy, has announced an innovative new feature.

Rentalia have picked up on an interesting trend: many vacation rental owners fail to respond to email requests in a timely manner (only 20-30% of owners on Rentalia's site respond in less than 48 hours!). This can be because the requested time is already booked, the time requested is too short or simply because the vacation rental owner does not check their email frequently enough.

At any rate, this can discourage potential renters from bothering to email, often resorting to phoning the owner (which can cause other problems: who remembers the availability of their vacation rental home when they receive a phone call when they are out at a restaurant, or worse, in bed sleeping?)

Rentalia tracks the response time of both the renter and the vacation rental owner. The response time of the vacation rental owner is published on the Rentalia website. Hence, potential holiday home renters can see in advance which vacation rental owners are most likely to respond to a request to rent their property.

You can find more details, in English, here : Rentalia VRBO Response Time

You can also find the original Rentalia press release in Spanish here:

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