Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Homeaway allows search by renter reviews

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The topic of renter reviews is one that divides vacation rentals owners. Although positive reviews can be help build trust among renters, one bad review can seriously damage the vacation rental owner's business. The fact the these renter reviews are subjective and often unfair only adds to the problem.

Nevertheless, Homeaway have added the ability for renters to search based upon the number of reviews your vacation rental property has received. This is likely to give owners who encourage feedback from renters a significant advantage in finding renters. Therefore, it is at least worth thinking about utilising this feature.

According to Homeaway, the advantages of renter reviews include:

1. Reviews increase trust and credibility: Your guests read reviews from past guests for reassurance.

2. Travelers rely on them: 77% of online shoppers use reviews when making purchase decisions (Jupiter Research).

3. Travelers can sort by reviews: This gives homes with more reviews increased visibility with travelers looking for their next vacation home.

4.Reviews let guests promote your vacation home: More than 95% of reviews are positive

What do you think? Are the benefits from positive reviews worth risking receiving potentially damaging reviews?

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