Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How Many Sites: Yahoo Group Results

I recently published the results of a survey of COHR subscribers on the subject of the number of paid and free sites on which they list their vacation rental properties. In response, I received a comment indicating that perhaps the survey results were skewed by the fact that many COHR subscribers are heavy users of Free listing sites? (After all, COHR subscribers get a list of Free sites!)

Hence, I conducted a survey among members of the Yahoo! Group for Vacation Rentals
to see how the results would compare.

Dissappointingly, I only received 44 Yahoo responses (compared with 141 for the COHR survey) and almost all the respondents were from the US. However, the results confirmed that Yahoo group members do not use Free Listings sites as much as COHR subscribers. Nevertheless, 55% of Yahoo members are listed on at least 3 Free sites and 25% are listed on 5 or more Free sites.

Interesting to note that Yahoo members are also listed on more paid sites than COHR subscribers, with 47% listed on at least 4 paid sites (compared with 35% in the COHR group). Is it possible that the COHR group's greater use of Free Listings sites means they don't need to spend as much on paid listings?

The results are given here .

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