Friday, September 30, 2011

COHR Launches "All Holiday Rentals"

Over the past five years, COHR has established itself as the leading comparison site for Owners of Vacation Rentals accommodation. COHR compares more than 50 different Vacation Rentals sites and provides information on Price of Listings, Special Offers, Trial Listings, Free Sites and much more.

COHR has launched a sister site, All Holiday Rentals (AHR).

AHR is targeted at both Renters and Owners. It provides much of the same information as COHR, but provides additional functionality, such as the ability to sort by Site Name, Number of Listings and Price.

Vacation Rentals Owners can view all the sites listed on AHR to sort and compare
- the number of listing
- the price of listings
- whether a free trial of offered

You can also Search for Holiday Rentals sites by geography or simply Browse all the listed holiday rentals sites.

For example, if you own a holiday rental in Spain , you can browse sites that specialise in holiday rentals in Spain. Alternatively, you can also view a list of Global sites that feature Spanish holiday rentals.

Whether you are an owner of holiday rental accommodation looking to find the best places to list your rental, or a renter looking to find the best selection of rentals in a particular location, it's definitely worth checking out .

AHR are planning to add a lot of extra functionality in the coming weeks and months, so bookmark the site and check back often for updates.

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