Friday, October 21, 2011

How to Increase Occupancy Rates of your Vacation Rental

Achieving high occupancy rates is one of the absolute keys to success in running a Vacation Rentals business. I recently came across an interesting and informative book that provides lots of tips and advice for vacation rentals owners on how to boost occupancy.

The Boost Occupancy and Increase Revenue Report is aimed at both small hotels and vacation rentals. It was written by Matt Landau, an online marketer and owner of a boutique hotel in the historic district of Panama City, Panama. Matt has been featured on CNN, BusinessWeek, and US News & World Report among other publications.

The Boost Occupancy report contains 50 pages of valuable strategies that allow small hotel owners and vacation rental owners to increase their reservations with free or inexpensive, game-proven tactics.

The report explains "54 separate marketing tactics in detail and provides key methods for their implementation including social media tricks, low season secrets, industry memberships and associations, insider PR moves of the pros and much, much more. Even the most innovative strategies are explained with the layman in mind."

The report is an easy and entertaining read. It costs $99 and should be worth it, even if you glean only a few tips. (If you increase occupancy by just one night, it will pay for itself.) However, you can get a "sneak preview" by registering on Matt's site.

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