Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Help Promote COHR and AHR

We need your help!

Over the past five years, COHR has established itself as a leading source of information for Vacation Rental Owners.

  • The COHR site provides information on the price of listings, site reviews, special offers, free trials, Free Sites and much more.

  • The COHR Newsletters and BLOG provide information and analysis on the Vacation Rental by Owner business.

  • As a way of enhancing our service to Owners, COHR recently launched a sister site, All Holiday Rentals (AHR), which allows easier searching and sorting of vacation rentals sites.

If you find our information useful, please help us by promoting us to other owners. How can you do this?

  1. Forward our newsletters to other owners that you know
  2. Mention us in Owner Forums
  3. Post links to our sites, either on your own link pages or in forums/ Blog

Your support will help us to continue to enhance the service we provide to Owners.

Thanks in advance!

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